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What does the material of crystal chandelier have?

Sep 05,2021 | chencloud

The material of chandelier has a lot of, the material of different parts and accessories is also different, pick a few common chandelier style.

All copper chandelier.

Full copper chandelier is to point to the chandelier that regard brass as the main material of chandelier body commonly. Now many owners can use full copper chandelier in the decoration of new residence, it is a more high-grade chandelier, it is common in the residence of post-modern style. Copper chandelier color is strong, modelling is exquisite, resemble an exquisite craft.  

Crystal chandelier

Crystal chandelier material is made of crystal, with gorgeous, noble characteristics. Normally, crystal chandelier is in the majority with contemporary type chandelier and Simple modern chandelier . Crystals can reflect colorful light under the light, like a rainbow in the sky, and the more colorful light that can be removed, the more expensive it is. That's why crystal is expensive. The general price is relatively expensive, by hotels and villas and other high-end places to use. 


Iron chandelier

Ironwork lighting is a common chandelier, and most of the accessories of chandelier have ironwork components. Iron art can be used as chandelier frame, wire drawing, lampshade frame as son on, and can also be made into chandelier of various styles and styles by baking paint technology.   

Iron art chandelier with iron as the main material, Iron is the use of more materials. Iron chandelier as a result of material quality is general, the price is moderate, it is the choice of a lot of chandelier material.  But the most worrying thing about iron chandelier is rust, which depends on the treatment of the surface of the chandelier by the manufacturer. If the treatment is not good, the impact on the life of the chandelier is very large.


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